Amphibian Open Water Swim Challenge

The Amphibian is our flagship event with the unique format of swimming 1km in the Blue Lagoon followed by a 100m run is a challenge to see if you can Evolve from the water and be equally as efficient running on land like an true Amphibian! How many laps can you do? 

New for this year as due to lockdown we are all at different levels of fitness from where we would usually be we've decided to change the format little. This year rather than entering a specific distance you enter for a flat fee and on the day you can do as much or as little as you feel like (min 1km, Max 10km). So if you would normally swim 5km but after 3km you feel you've had a enough you can cross the line to stop your time! You can take it a lap at a time and see how far you get. 

Don't forget that after each 1km swim you need to run 100m before diving in for another lap or to run across the finish line to stop your race time!

It's very simple Swim, Run, Repeat!!

(Due to Covid-19 and on the advice of the governing bodies this is a participation/challenge event therefore there will be no prizes/awards for specific distances). 

Entry Fee:

Start Times:
10:00am (full schedule TBC)

Minimum Age:
12 years old (as of 31st December 2020)

Please note that swimmers under the age of 18 will be restricted to the maximum number of laps they can do. These are as follows; 

12 & 13 years old 2 laps (2km) 

14 & 15 years old 3 laps (3km) 

16 & 17 years old (5km) 

Wetsuit Policy: 

Wetsuits will be mandatory if the water temprature is below 18°C, Any swimmer who wants to swim skins must use a tow float. 

Swim, Run, Repeat


Saturday 19th September 2020


The Blue Lagoon, Northfield Lane, Womersley, DN6 9BB


1km Minimum to 10km Max

Start Time:



Lake Temp


Last Update 04/07/2020

Minimum Temp for Swimming is 11ºC*

*In the spring we wait until the water is holding at least 14ºC overnight to ensure it remains above the minimum temperature for swimming. 

Wetsuits are mandatory when the water temperature is below 18ºc. Above 18ºc wetsuits are optional but non wetsuit swimmers must used an approved Tow Float. The Blue Lagooners Management reserve the right to request to test the suitability of a swimmers wetsuit or tow float for buoyancy & suitability for swimming and reserve the right to refuse access to the water if a swimmers wetsuit or tow float is deemed unsuitable and/or unsafe for swimming. Please check out our info videos on our open water swimming page that explain why this is so important. 

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