Our events portfolio is growing each year with races for both triathletes and open water swimmers. We also have a range of distances to provide challenges for everyone from novice to elite. Our events are run by our events partners Amphibian Events Ltd. All information & booking links will redirect you to the appropriate page of their website. 

Evolve Triathlon Series

Here's your chance to challenge yourself from an early season season sprint triathlon through to a late season Half (dare we say "Iron") Distance Triathlon! 

The series starts with a Sprint Distance Triathlon (500m, 22.5km, 5km) in May and then moves on in June to what we like to call our Quarter Distance Triathlon (1km, 45km, 10km). The series culminates in August with our epic Evolve Half Triathlon (2km, 90km, 20km). Yep the distances are little different to the official "traditional" distances but we've worked back from "Something Big" we might be organising in the future!! We've never been ones to conform with the norm anyway!

You can just challenge yourself to a single event as the full series isn't compulsory but for those who enter the full series we will also have a series champions trophies!!

Evolve Mini Triathlons

This blast of a triathlon is full of fun!! Held over a short distances so perfect for first timers taking their first foray in to triathlon or equally fun for seasoned triathletes who want a short event to practice their race skills without impacting on their training schedule! Oh and it's a 1pm start so we can all get a lay in!!

The event starts with a 400m swim in the gorgeous waters of the Blue Lagoon which takes in a swim from the beach and after a short swim out you turn left towards the dive area and swim to the far end of lagoon exiting at the steps near the gate. After a quick transition it's out on to the quiet country roads around the lagoon for a 10km blast of a bike which is ideal for novices or serious racers alike! After another speedy transition it's time to hit the trails around the lagoon for a 2.5km run!

With identical events at the start and end of the season you can challenge yourself to beat your time after a summer of training!!

Evolve Open Water Series

Test yourself in the open water with this pure and simple timed swim series! Raced over 2000m, everyone can test themselves against the clock or race for prizes at the Evolve Open Water Swim Series. Swimmers who complete in at least 3 events will race for the title of Open Water Swim Series Champion. New for 2018 is a team relay competition made up of teams of 4 with each swimmer completing one 500m lap.

Any 3 events can count and if you enter all 4 rounds your best 3 results will count.

The swim is held over a 500m course which swimmers will complete 4 laps to complete their race distance. At the end of each lap swimmers will exit the water to complete an "Aussie Exit" before re-entering to start the next lap. This will allow for relay teams to "pass the baton (timing chip)" and for solo swimmers to soak up the applause from the spectators! The event will be chip timed.

Points will be awarded based on your finish position. Points will be totalled and the swimmer or team with the highest cumulative points in each category will be awarded series winners.

Amphibian Open Water Swim Challenge

You might be great in the water or on the land but how good are you able to EVOLVE after every 1000m swim and then run 100m? Can you keep evolving until you've completed your race distance? The Amphibian Open Water Swim Challenges offer a range of distances so there's something for everyone!

Swim, Run, Repeat!


Lake Temp


Minimum Temp for Swimming is 11ºC*

*In the spring we wait until the water is holding at least 14ºC overnight to ensure it remains above the minimum temperature for swimming. 

Wetsuits are mandatory when the water temperature is below 18ºc. Above 18ºc wetsuits are optional but non wetsuit swimmers must used an approved Tow Float. The Blue Lagooners Management reserve the right to request to test the suitability of a swimmers wetsuit or tow float for buoyancy, & suitability for swimming and reserve the right to refuse access to the water if a swimmers wetsuit or tow float is deemed unsuitable and/or unsafe for swimming. Please check out the videos above that explain why this is so important. 

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